Kim & Randy Go Back to Saba, Statia & St. Kitts Aboard the Caribbean Explorer II

March 13-20, 2010



Caribbean Explorer II at Diamond Rock
(Okay, I stole this from my last trip... we didn't get to take this shot on this trip)


It's a long way down... And Brett seems to be helping Kim into the water!


Click the link for some

Under Water Pictures

Above Water Pictures


Thanks to Eric for posting this on You Tube!  How cool is this?

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Explorer Ventures

Thanks to the great crew of CEXII: Capt. Ian, Engineer Dave, Rachel, Demi, Scott, Brett and Tuna Dave
And many thanks to the full boat of dive guests...
Mark & Michelle, Janice, Kathryn, Ron, Jonathan, Al & Cate, Mike & Taryn, Thomas & Jutta, Eric, Marty Jason & Chris

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