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Caribbean Explorer II
March 13-20, 2010

Panoramic view of St. Maarten

Above Water Pictures - Page 1
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Kim, Ron and Thomas off Saba

Kim, Demi and Randy

If you've been onboard with Demi-san, you know what he's saying....

Virtually everyone had a camera!

I knew Tuna Dave from Turks & Caicos Explorer.  It was
good to run into him again.

One more dive... Jonathan couldn't make it one more dive
without putting duct tape on his nipples.

For us lazy folks, this is the dive log.

Don't ask... don't tell

The party on the last night in St. Maartens

Too many beers for Randy... Jonathan is looking hot!

Demi admires what he's done to the guests

Another Don't Ask, Don't Tell moment (funny how these always
involve Jonathan)

Ron and Randy as making plans to pass some pictures around Western
Digital... who stands the most to lose?

Demi plays his didgeridoo.

Capt. Ian and Cate watch the antics.

Al and Marty manage to stay above it all and just observe from the


Underwater Pics


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