Saba, Statia, St. Kitts
Caribbean Explorer II
July 19-26, 2008

Under Water Pictures - Page 1
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One of the biggest Octos I've had the pleasure of
playing with.

One incredibly lucky shot.  I couldn't see him, I just
pointed and shot.

I occasionally flip the camera around for better flash
position.  I was getting ready to toss this picture into
the same bin where 99% of the others landed when
I noticed I wasn't upside down, he was!

A horrible picture but Kimmie likes these peacock
flounders.  And web space is free!

I think he starred in Finding Nemo.
Maybe the best advice I got the whole trip.  We were getting ready to start the drive (about 100 feet down to this Pinnacle)
when Hart said "Leave the flash."  Good enough for me.  I ran back to the room and grabbed the wide
angle and wound up with some cool pictures.  Thanks, Hart.


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