Tobago 2007
Above Water Pictures
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Typical between dive activity was reading a book on the sun deck.  Ron makes it look easy.

My travel buds, Andy, Ron, Luka, me and Bill above Speyside.  Goat Island is in the background.

I suggest you click on the picture.  No... I DEMAND you click on the picture!

Reece-mon is always lookin' cool!

A view of Goat Island with the house formerly owned by Ian Flemming of James Bond fame.

Pissa was a hoot.  Especially in his "pink" slippers.

Helen looks like she's making a point with someone.
This is the camera table.  We were all amateurs with little equipment (me in particular) so the table was more than ample.

I can't remember why the special dinner but every meal was a treat.
Three exposures of the same sunrise.  Always dicey, especially on the web.  One may tickle your fancy.

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