Randy's Tobago 2007 Trip
National Geographic Picture from September 1958

While cleaning out my mom's house I decided to look through some of her National Geographic magazines before tossing them out.  I was really just looking at the old advertisements but I stumbled across this very familiar looking picture.  It's from an article titled "Feathered Dancers of Little Tobago."

"Now part of the new West Indies federation, this Caribbean preserve is the only spot in the world where sightseers can watch birds of paradise displaying in the wild.  Here the Speyside area of Tobago looks out across Goat Island to jungle-clad Little Tobago.  White clearing on the hill at left is Doublegate Garden, one of eight planted in fruit trees to support the feathered colonists."

This picture was scanned from page 430 of the September 1958 issue of National Geographic.

And this is a picture Ron took in March of 2007, nearly 50 years later!
Group Picture at the same location