Turks & Caicos Explorer II
June 27-July 11, 2009

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The Sibbone Beach Hotel was quaint and quiet.  That beach really is that quiet all day long.  There's a restaurant and pool too.

The Fly Deck was THE place to be in week 1.  Week 2 hardly anyone was up there.

Half of the dive deck.  Camera table in the back.  Crew keeps their gear below.

End of week 1 gathering at Calico Jacks.  The kindest things I can say about it is it was outdoors and the food wasn't as expensive as the other restaurant.  Left to right that's me, Hart, Dave, Jack and Kim.

DM Jack gives a dive briefing.  Week 2 the ice machine was inoperative part of the time.  The cold water dispenser was brought out to help slake that Caribbean thirst.

Raccoon DM Dave and week 2 Capt Ken relax between dives.

Christine does her best to call the divers with the Call of the Conch.

Neil gives it a shot.  Tougher than it looks.  Hart has it mastered!

Dave strikes a pose.  Best way to describe Dave: Imagine Ricky Gervais
as a scuba instructor.

Okay, this view from the bridge doesn't suck.

For our last dinner as dive buddies, Kevin, Hart and I (L-R) wisely chose Tiki_Hut.  I liked it way better than Calico Jacks.  The bird came in to look us over and led to one of the funniest moments of the trip as Hart and I heard Kevin exclaim, while pointing at Hart's armpit, "A Hair... a REALLY BIG HAIR!"  As Hart and I scrambled to find this massive, mutant hair, that was really troubling Kevin, we finally determined that what he was trying to say was there was a large heron behind Hart.  So here he is!
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