The North American Curaçao Dive Expedition

March 19-26... and then the 27th and then the 28th and finally home on the 29th, 2011


Since these pages are really my version of a personal photo album, I've decided to set the width to 1680 pixels


The view of the Kura Hulanda resort from the dive boat Sea Lion.  The ocean front rooms are on the left, the public beach is in the middle with restaurants and pool area above.  The dive operation (Ocean Encounters West) is on the right.


Underwater Pictures in Landscape Format

Underwater Pictures in Portrait Format


One of our best dinners was at Rancho El Sobrino, maybe a 20 minute walk from Kura Hulanda.

Night view of Willemstad

If you look on the Oceans Encounters West website, you will see that Toeki has one expression.  Easy to capture.

Another fun night of dining.  Landhuis Misje has a website.  Seems like you're sitting in someone's backyard.  Again, maybe a half hour work from Kura Hulanda.  Or maybe less.  Time seems to slip in and out of gear in Curacao.
Another great spot for dinner is Sol Food.  It's a very short walk from Kura Hulanda.  Reservations are a must.  These pictures are meant to taunt as they were taken the day Hart and Rayanne left and our trip was unexpectedly extended when outbound American Airlines flights we canceled for two days.  On the left, Kim is having the Rib Eye steak and Randy is having  the grilled snapper.  On the right was a dessert treat.  That's a mint brownie with ice cream, fudge and whip cream.  Oh baby.